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Workshop: Regulating Biofuels

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 CETA's Regulatory Implications for the Bioenergy Sector

September 30 - October 1, 2010

Saskatoon, Canada.

Bioenergy, specifically transport biofuels, is becoming an increasingly important strategic priority for Canada and other like-minded jurisdictions such as the European Union. Canada and the EU are in the midst of negotiating an ambitious economic partnership, the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), which could, in the short or long terms, have significant impacts on regulation and governance of biofuels. Biofuels policy intersects regulatory and governance issues around science and technology, domestic and international trade, energy security, environmental sustainability, agricultural productivity and economic development especially in rural areas. Mapping, understanding and ideally managing the complexities of biofuels regulation and governance are major challenges. The purpose of this event was to begin the process of confronting these issues, in preparation for future work on regulatory cooperation between Canada and the European generally, and on biofuels regulatory issues specifically.

With this mutual objective, the Canada-EU Trade Environment Technology Exchange (TETE),, and Value Addition to Genomics and GE3LS (VALGEN),, projects partnered to bring leading researchers from the natural and social sciences together with representatives from industry, government and society for a 2-day workshop at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. During the course of the workshop, participants mapped challenges and opportunities related to the networked, multi-level regulatory environment governing biofuels-related applications of genomics research. Presentations and discussions during the workshop confirmed the importance of better mapping the regulatory landscape, domestically and internationally, governing biofuels.

This workshop marked the first step in connecting an inter-disciplinary group of academic research and other key actors with expertise and interest in the area. Prior to this event, there had been little or no specific communication among such experts about the regulation and governance of biofuels. An initial follow-up step will be to prepare and publish a report that describes the contours of this landscape and prioritizes challenges and opportunities. A second possible step being investigated is the creation of a clearinghouse for information concerning biofuels regulation and governance. Either or both of these resources will be important inputs into, for the TETE project, a broader study of Canada-EU regulatory cooperation opportunities, and for the VALGEN project, foresight research into future scenarios for regulation and governance of biofuels.

Workshop Documents

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  • Invitation: PDF
  • Agenda: PDF
  • Participant list: PDF
  • Partners: PDF

Workshop Slides

Biofuels Research and Development: The State of the Science

David B. Levin, PhD, Department of Biosystems Engineering

Government Research & Development in Biofuels and Related Technology Innovation

Mark Stumborg, P.Eng, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, SPARC

Bioenergy Research and Development: The State of the Science

Martin J.T. Reaney, College of Agriculture and Bioresources, University of Saskatchewan

Driving Green Technology: Legal and Regulatory Incentives for Bio-Energy

Daniel R. Cahoy, Smeal College of Business, Penn State University

Economic and Regulatory Barriers to Biofuel Development in Canada: Results of the First Round of an Expert Delphi Survey

Stuart Smyth, PhD, University of Saskatchewan

Reducing the Environmental Uncertainty from Accelerated Global Biofules Development -- Lessons Learned to Date

Terry McIntyre, PhD, P.Ag.

Bioenergy: Ontario Regulatory Landscape

Bill Greenizan, Senior Advisor (Oil), Energy Markets Section, Ontario Ministry of Energy

The Biofuels Regulatory Web
Jeremy de Beer, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa
The EU's Biofuels Policy
Rafal Lapkowski, EU Delegation to Canada

Models and Options for Regulatory Cooperation

Annette Schrauwen, University of Amsterdam
EC-Canada Regulatory Cooperation: Experience and Expectation
Simon Holland, European Commission DG for Enterprise and Industry
Mark Richardson, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
Regulatory Implications of a CETA for the Biotechnology Sector
P.D. Desai
New Approaches to Regulating Bioenergy
Peter W.B. Phillips, Co-Lead and PI, VALGEN
Looking Toward the Future: The Many Faces of Sustainable Bioenergy Regulation
Robin Pierce, J.D., Delft University of Technology
Issues Raised by Biofuels
Yves Le Bouthillier, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa



University of Amsterdam


IUCN Academy of Environmental Law

Sustainable Prosperity